2023 AI Committee Archive

Pat Baird

Regulatory Head of Global Software Standards, Philips

Pat Baird works at Philips as the Head of Global Software Standards. Baird likes to think of his job as “Policy Engineering” – understanding the unmet needs (and frustrations) of regulators and  developers, and developing standards, white papers, and training to meet those needs. His current passion is related to artificial intelligence in healthcare; he is co-chair of multiple AI committees including AAMI, ISO/IEC TC215, CTA, MITA, and MDIC.

Matthew Diamond

CMO for Digital Health, FDA-CDRH Digital Health Center of Excellence

Matthew Diamond, MD, PhD is the Chief Medical Officer for Digital Health at FDA’s Center for Devices and Radiological Health (CDRH), where he is the senior clinical expert and focal point of contact for clinical issues related to digital health medical devices. In his role at the CDRH Digital Health Center of Excellence, Dr. Diamond provides leadership for digital health policy development and implementation for emerging technologies including artificial intelligence.

Brian Edwards

Fellow, Regulatory Affairs, Digital Health/Cybersecurity, Boston Scientific

Brian Edwards is a Regulatory Fellow specializing in Digital Health and Cybersecurity for Boston Scientific.   He is focusing on internal and external global advocacy efforts related to Digital Health, Medical Device Software, AI/ML, Cybersecurity, and Quality Systems.  He has over 30 years of experience in the medical device industry and over 25 years of experience as a Regulatory Affairs Professional.   He holds a BS in Chemical Engineering and an MS in both Biomedical Engineering and Biostatistics.  Brian has worked in R&D, Clinical Research, Quality Systems, and Regulatory Affairs.  He has successfully led Regulatory Affairs Departments for medical device companies in the orthopedic, cardiovascular, audiology, electrotherapy, digital health, and neurosurgical product industries.

Steve Frigon

Data Integration Team Lead, The Christ Hospital Health Network

Steve Frigon is a Senior Clinical Systems Analyst at The Christ Hospital in Cincinnati, Ohio. He has specialized in Application Development, Data Integration, and Data Management solutions in the Pharmaceutical and Healthcare industries for the past 21 years. In this position, Frigon develops various technology strategies and adaptation techniques in the areas of interoperability, web services, and Digital Health. His focus in the AI framework is on explicability, validation, and adoption, which stimulates the development of trust in patients and physicians alike.

Prior to joining The Christ Hospital, Frigon was a Data Integration Consultant with HC Tech, Inc. and a Data Integration Manager at Mercy Health.