Healthcare Products Collaborative AI Working Teams

Moving to a world of predictive methodologies to protect and advance public health.

Artificial Intelligence – Advancing the Pharmaceutical and Medical Device Industries

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Global Regulators, Pharmaceutical and Medical Device Industry Members and Users at the Point of Care (POC) are working collaboratively to advance the use (and usefulness) of AI to improve patient care and quality of life.

Over the past century, the healthcare related industries have amassed large amounts of data that remains untapped. Through the power of AI, we can now make decisions with more robust data and information than ever before. We can identify medical solutions that will improve quality of life, prevent illness and cure diseases. We can predict failures to increase the assurance of product quality, business efficiency and global health. We are on the cusp of revolutionizing healthful living for today and tomorrow!


To lead and inspire medical device and pharmaceutical industry members, global regulators and users at the point of care to collaboratively leverage artificial intelligence to advance patient health, product quality and process improvement.


To challenge and advance current approaches to patient health, product quality and process improvement by unleashing the power of AI through collaboration across pharmaceutical and medical device industry members, global regulators and users at the point of care.

FDA/Industry/Users-at-POC Working Teams

Through the Xavier Artificial Intelligence Initiative, chartered working teams have been established during the face-to-face setting of the annual Healthcare Products Collaborative AI Summit. The teams that are currently formed are as follows, and are accepting new members:

AI in Operations Team (AIO)

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Good Machine Learning Practices Team (GMLP)

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AI at the Point of Care (AI@POC Team)

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Check out the team links on this site to learn more about their work, their deliverables, and take this opportunity to make a difference in lives around the world by joining us!

Interested in joining one of the Healthcare Products Collaborative AI Initiative working teams?

  • There is an annual participation fee of $100 per team to support Healthcare Products Collaborative’s ability to lead these initiatives.
  • It is expected that you participate in the standing meetings (schedule is determined by each team).
  • Plan on a time commitment of 5 hours per month, but this may vary.

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